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  • Cyanide

    How to stream Directly to Youtube and Twitch from the PS4

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    • Click on account settings
    • Account Management
    • Link with other services
    • Choose which platform you want to stream on
    • Start the game you want to stream
    • Tap the share button once
    • Select Broadcast Gameplay
    • Fill out the broadcast settings like "Title" "Display messages" "Include Microphone Audio"
    • Select Start Broadcasting.

    Now there are Pros and Cons to streaming straight from the PS4. 


    • Cost Effective - If you are new to streaming and dont have a big budget for a new pc/laptop and a streaming device like an elgato
    • Simple - You dont need to worry about all the overlay's and technical side of streaming

    Thats about where the pros end for streaming straight from your console. You're pretty limited with interaction with your audience. No interaction = less subscriptions and views. Lets take a look at the Cons for streaming directly from your PS4



    • No Face Cam - A lot of people like to see the face of the person they are watching ( you can get one working but it takes a few extra steps and im assuming you dont have a pc or laptop at this time)
    • Pretty limited with how you engage with your audience - Basically you can see their messages on the side of your tv screen but if you have a lot of people chatting,you will miss a lot of questions
    • You either have to be logged into youtube or twitch with a phone or tablet if you dont have any moderators - if you are just starting out,then more than likely you wont have any channel moderators so you will have to clean the spam messages and troll comments out yourself,which takes away from your playing time.
    • No neat overlays - You cant show new subscribers or have all the fancy stuff on screen that a lot of streamers have. Your stream will be pretty bare.


    As i said before,if you are just starting out this is a good way to get a foot in the door per se,but if you are going to take this seriously and try to make a career out of it then you will definitely need to upgrade otherwise you will lose interest with your viewers.

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